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“Encouraging and equipping Christian ministry wives to be godly women of strength, honor, wisdom, and love.”

PRTS exists to train men to preach and teach in Christ’s church.  Each man’s wife fills an important role of support and love. We believe that her most important relationship in life is with Jesus Christ, then with her husband and children, then with her church community, and then with the community at large. Although there are seasons in life where a wife has limited time and needs to prioritize, her season of seminary life is an ideal time to prepare for ministry life at her husband’s side.

The Ministry Wives Fellowship (MWF) is designed to equip the pastor’s wife for her calling by offering biblically based courses and practical courses. Seminary faculty, faculty wives, and guest speakers teach all classes from a confessionally Reformed perspective, mirroring PRTS’s doctrinal stance. We give special focus to nurturing fellowship between seminary wives. Together, these aspects of the MWF encourage women to deepen their piety and devotion to the Lord and cultivate a servant heart and mindset.

With God’s blessing, we aim to make the years at seminary an enjoyable and profitable time as students, spouses, and faculty alike learn from each other at PRTS.

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Seminary Family Handbook

For a pdf copy of the hand­book click here: Hand­book for Sem­i­nary Families

Wel­come to Grand Rapids! We are thank­ful that the Lord has made it pos­si­ble for you to be part of the PRTS com­mu­nity for a time, and we look for­ward to get­ting to know you.

PRTS is com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing stu­dents with the advice and sup­port that they might need through­out their time here. But there are lots of times, espe­cially if you are mar­ried to a stu­dent, when you might need answers to ques­tions after office hours, or there may be ques­tions that you feel silly ask­ing the sem­i­nary staff.

This hand­book tries to answer those ques­tions. The hand­book for enrolled sem­i­nary stu­dents answers ques­tions about aca­d­e­mic poli­cies and pro­ce­dures; this hand­book is more con­cerned with help­ing you get gro­ceries, find a play­ground for your chil­dren, or mail a card to your mother. In com­pil­ing this hand­book, we have tried to con­struct a lit­tle Grand Rapids sur­vival guide. It is our hope that hav­ing this tool in your home will make your adjust­ment to sem­i­nary life a lit­tle eas­ier, a lit­tle more enjoy­able, and a lit­tle less confusing.

If you have any com­ments or sug­ges­tions for future edi­tions of this hand­book, please for­ward them to Please use the same address to ask a ques­tion that we did not answer in this handbook.

In Christ,
The Min­istry Wives Fellowship Team

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Sug­gested Read­ing List for Sem­i­nary Wives

The books on this list are a selec­tion of works from dif­fer­ent cen­turies and coun­tries. We have cho­sen them to help you, in your per­sonal study, to develop as a help­meet suit­able to your min­istry hus­band, and to be a coun­selor to women in your con­gre­ga­tion. Many of these books, espe­cially the biogra­phies, are not meant to be read as sys­tem­atic the­olo­gies, creeds, or Reformed con­fes­sions. They con­tain godly exam­ples and much prac­ti­cal, bib­li­cal wis­dom that will, by grace, pre­pare and equip you in your par­tic­u­lar call­ing as a pastor’s wife. If read­ing is not nat­u­rally appeal­ing to you, try to work through a cou­ple of books each year, per­haps read­ing along with another stu­dent wife to give you a dis­cus­sion and account­abil­ity part­ner. All of these books are avail­able at the PRTS Library.

Pas­tors wives’ and mis­sion­ar­ies’ biographies:

  • Christie, Vance. John and Betty Stam: Mis­sion­ary Martyrs
  • Dodds, Eliz­a­beth. Mar­riage to a Dif­fi­cult Man
  • Elliot, Eliz­a­beth. A Chance to Die: the Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael
  • Ger­st­ner, Edna. Idelette
  • Good, James I. Famous Women of the Reformed Church
  • Haykin, Michael. The Chris­t­ian Lover
  • James, Sharon. Eliz­a­beth Prentiss
  • James, Sharon. In Trial and in Joy
  • James, Sharon. My Heart in His Hands: Ann Jud­son of Burma
  • Mac­Cuish, Dolina. Luther and His Katie
  • Paton, Mag­gie. Let­ters and Sketches from the New Hebrides
  • Pol­lock, John. Hud­son and Maria
  • Pren­tiss, G. L. Life and Let­ters of Eliz­a­beth Prentiss
  • Ray, Charles. Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon

Per­sonal Growth:

  • Beeke, James and Beeke, Joel. Devel­op­ing a Healthy Prayer Life.
  • Beeke, Joel. Liv­ing by God’s Promises
  • Ben­nett, Arthur. The Val­ley of Vision
  • Bonar, Hor­atius. God’s Way of Holiness
  • Bur­roughs, Jere­miah. The Rare Jewel of Chris­t­ian Contentment
  • Henry, Matthew. A Method for Prayer
  • Owen, John. Com­mu­nion with God
  • Owen, John. The Mor­ti­fi­ca­tion of Sin
  • Winslow, Mary. Heaven Opened
  • Winslow, Octavius. Help Heavenward

Prac­ti­cal Issues:

  • Alexan­der, James W. Thoughts on Fam­ily Worship
  • Beeke, Joel. Bring­ing the Gospel to Covenant Children
  • Beeke, Joel. The Fam­ily at Church
  • Beeke, Joel. Fam­ily Worship
  • Ben­ton, Ann. If It’s Not Too Much Trou­ble: the Chal­lenge of the Aged Parent
  • Booth, Randy. Chil­dren of the Promise
  • Boston, Thomas. The Crook in the Lot
  • Burns, Jabez. Moth­ers of the Wise and Good
  • Calvin, John. Ser­mons on the Ten Commandments
  • Camp­bell, Iain. On the First Day of the Week
  • Chal­lies, Tim. The Dis­ci­pline of Spir­i­tual Discernment
  • Chal­lies, Tim. The Next Story
  • Chan­ski, Mark. Wom­anly Dominion
  • Cor­nish, Carol. The Undis­tracted Widow
  • Durham, James. The Ten Commandments
  • Eastin, Staci. The Orga­nized Heart
  • Guthrie, Nancy. Hold­ing onto Hope
  • Ham­mond, George M. The Case for Fam­ily Worship
  • Hart­man, Edward. Home­ward Bound
  • Henry, Matthew. Fam­ily Religion
  • James, John Angell. A Help to Domes­tic Happiness
  • Lloyd-Jones, Mar­tyn. Spir­i­tual Depres­sion: its Causes and Cure
  • Mahaney, Car­olyn. Shop­ping for Time: how to get it all done and not be overwhelmed
  • Packer, J. I. Evan­ge­lism and the Sov­er­eignty of God
  • Palmer, B. M. Death in the Home
  • Pro­cee, Ger­ald. Holy Bap­tism
  • Ray, Bruce. Cel­e­brat­ing the Sabbath
  • Robert­son, O. Palmer. The Gen­e­sis of Sex
  • Ryle, J. C. The Duties of Parents
  • Ryle, J. C. Prac­ti­cal Religion
  • Som­merville, Mary.  One With a Shepherd
  • Spur­geon, Charles. Only a Prayer Meeting
  • Still, William. Towards Spir­i­tual Maturity
  • Strauch, Alexan­der. The Hos­pi­tal­ity Commands
  • Tripp, Paul David. Age of Opportunity
  • Tripp, Paul David. Instru­ments in the Redeemer’s Hands
  • Tripp, Ted. Shep­herd­ing a Child’s Heart
  • Kass­ian, Mary. Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild
  • Mur­ray, David. Chris­tians get Depressed, too
  • Welch, Edward T. Blame it on the Brain
  • Welch, Edward T. A Stub­born Darkness
  • Welch, Edward T. Run­ning Scared
  • Welch, Edward T. When Peo­ple are Big and God is Small
  • Wolfe, Paul. My God is True: Lessons Learned on Cancer’s Dark Road

pdf: MWF Rec­om­mended Read­ing List

Fam­ily Liv­ing Class – The Fam­ily Liv­ing Class is a series of record­ings from the adult Sun­day school class in the Her­itage Reformed Church in Grand Rapids. Most of the classes are taught by Dr. Beeke, with an occa­sional guest teacher. There are two series, one begin­ning in 2006, the other in 2010, and cover a large range of issues in the home and fam­ily, from mar­riage, to sib­ling rela­tion­ships to time man­age­ment. The ear­lier classes are audio only; later ones are recorded via video. Click here for the Fam­ily Liv­ing classes.

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For a com­plete expla­na­tion click here for a pdf: BM.1012–03 DMV.vf

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“A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband…” Proverbs 12:4a