Puritan Research Center

The Puritan Research Center is the culmination of a dream that is decades old and offers exciting possibilities for promoting the appreciation of Reformed and Puritan literature around the world. The Center’s aim is to assemble the largest possible collection of resources on the Puritans, including antiquarian books (mostly from the seventeenth century) and modern reprints of Puritan writings, as well as secondary source materials on the Puritans such as books, dissertations, and articles.

Presently, the collection of Puritan writings is one of the best in the world, and the seminary intends to make it even better. An eventual goal is to digitize the article file and make it available online. Its specialty is a rare collection of antiquarian material, of which numerous titles have only a few known copies in the world. Other volumes are special collector’s items due to their former ownership or condition. For example, the Center is home to The Works of William Perkins, a 3-volume set once owned by Charles Spurgeon, bearing his Pastor’s College seal, and later acquired by Arthur W. Pink, whose penciled notations appear throughout.

The seminary advertises the Puritan Research Center in order to foster study of the Puritans by ministers, seminary professors, and theological students throughout the world. Those engaged in doctoral studies or on sabbatical leave are also welcome. We plan to offer grants to resident scholars for study as enabled. The seminary houses the Puritan Research Center in a special climate-controlled room equipped with a fire suppression system.

For further details on the Center, please contact the Librarian.

Puritan Studies Index (PSI): Search through our Puritan studies collection of articles, reviews, and other documents. These printed materials are located in the Puritan Research Center and organized by author’s last name. Articles may be photocopied.



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