How do I find specific books?

How do I check out books from the William Perkins library, from Cornerstone University's Miller library,or from Kuyper College's Zondervan library?

When are my books due? Can I renew them?

What may NOT be checked out of the library?

How are books arranged in the William Perkins library?
How do I find books by the old JRB number system?
What are course reserve books?
How do I find books that neither PRTS, Kuyper, nor Cornerstone own?
What is the PRC? How is it unique?
What particularly rare books does the library own? What is the oldest book in our collection?
What if I lose or damage a library book?
Are there late fees or other charges assessed?
What services does the library provide?
What library services/books are available for distance education students?
How do I use Interlibrary loan to obtain books or journal articles?
How do I find journal articles online?
To what journals does our library subscribe?
How do I know where to find or search a specific journal?
What internet and computer access is provided in the library?
What online databases are available to PRTS students?
What is Zotero and how do I use it?

What are the William Perkins library hours?
Who may use the William Perkins library? How do I get a library card?