Certificate Programs

Students who are not interested in pursuing a traditional degree should consider our certificate programs. A PRTS certificate is composed of eighteen credits, admission is not contingent on a previously earned degree, and it can be earned in its entirety via our online distance learning program.


Certificate in Systematic Theology – 18 credits

For the Certificate in Systematic Theology, students must select fifteen credits from the following courses:

  • Prolegomena (two credits)
  • Theology Proper (two credits)
  • Anthropology (two credits)
  • Christology (two credits)
  • Soteriology (three credits)
  • Ecclessiology (two credits)
  • Eschatology (two credits)
  • Reformed Covenant Theology (two credits)

Students must take Soteriology and complete a final project (three credits). The final project for this certificate is a catechism which the student is required to submit at the close of his study. The catechism is expected to meet the following standards:

  1. Minimum of 200 questions and answers;
  2. No answer should be longer than two sentences;
  3. Assume an audience of teen-age young people;
  4. The catechism should address all six of the traditional Reformed loci;
  5. When writing this catechism, the student should make clarity a top priority;
  6. Make every effort to write with simplicity and precision; If a concept is difficult, take two or three questions to clarify and explain it;
  7. Do not simply repeat the words of Scripture in your answers.

Certificate in Historical Theology – 18 credits

For the Certificate in Historical Theology, students must complete all fifteen credits from the following courses:

  • Ancient Church History (three credits)
  • Medieval Church History (three credits)
  • Reformation Church History (three credits)
  • Modern Church History (three credits)
  • Puritan Theology (three credits)

A final project (three credits) must also be completed in consultation with a faculty member.

Tuition costs are based on a per credit rate. Students should also be aware of PRTS’s distance learning policies, including the drop/add policy.